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Bartram Vintage Jewelry is Born!

Welcome all to my first blog! This will be short and sweet!

I want to thank my supportive husband and family as I start this new adventure to expand my business. 

The name Bartram Vintage Jewelry and this site may be new, but I have actually been selling vintage and antique jewelry online for over 5 years!  I have over 2,600 sales, over 1,000 "5 star" reviews and over 3,500 followers! 

I have tried to make the name simpler for friends to find me. I am known on etsy as and If you forget the shop names, you can always GOOGLE my name, Denise Bartram. The shops should show up in your search results.

Yikes, am I actually starting another shop? YES!!!

What am I thinking? It's time to expand the business!!! So, I am opening my own e-commerce shop! I have spent hundreds of hours over the last year evaluating e-commerce sites to host my business. I am finally convinced that this platform is extremely secure for you and me!

I can't wait for you to see my new shop. I do not cross post any inventory, so please check out my other sites as I embark on this adventure!

Thank you for stopping by!

You can never have enough jewelry!

Denise Bartram



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